Stadia Designers Cup ★ Regulamin

1. General Provisions
2. Concept requirements
3. Competition entry
4. Voting process
5. Competition schedule
6. Final Provisions
7. Attachments

1. General Provisions


The topic of the 1st edition of „Stadia Designers Cup” is to create a concept for a hypothetical stadium for Crystal Palace`s F.C. with the necessary communication infrastructure on area designated by Organizers on the land plot attached in „Attachment 1″.


1st edition of „Stadia Designers Cup” is organised by forum users:

  • @Djomlasti – Mladen Janković;
  • @Masterpaul (Nilaul) – Paul Olak;
  • @MaTTiC – Mateusz Cegielski;

further called the Organizers.


Competition`s media partners:, and

2. Concept requirements

2.1 Stadium concept have to:

  • refers to the history and tradition of Crystal Palace F.C.;
  • fit in the area designated by Organizers on the land plot;
  • meet the UEFA 4th category conditions;
  • have capacity around 30 000 – 32 000 (all seater);
  • provide an easy possibility to increase capacity to 40 000 (all seater);
  • have at least 40 suits (recommended 5 m wide, each for min. 10 VIPs).

2.2 Land plot:

Contestants must respect the context of the park and keep the context of the stadium relatively green instead of cementing the unused plot.

2.2.1 What is not allowed?

  • removing any existing buildings and trees from the plot;
  • changing the shape and height of the buildings;
  • changing the terrain topography.

2.2.2 What is allowed?

  • creating wider context (extra buildings, streets, etc. – will not be assessed);
  • modifying the footbridge (access to the sports arena must be preserved);
  • relocating old and adding new trees;
  • changing of 3D representation (shape) of the trees;
  • changing roads and sidewalks width;
  • changing the colour, texture and adding extra detail to the surrounding (will not be assessed);
  • changing the terrain topography only in area designated by Organizers.

2.3 Important recommendations

2.3.1 English restrictions

  • each rows must have a maximum 28 seats;
  • max. angle for ramps is 5%;
  • min. width for wheelchair corridor 900 mm;
  • absolute min. gangway is 1 100 mm;
  • absolute min. clear seatwy 305 mm;
  • reccomended clear seatway 400 mm.

2.3.2 Helpful recommendations:

  • parking for a normal car is 4.9 m x 2.4 m-3.2 ;
  • parking for car with wheelchair is 4.9 m x 3.3 m;
  • bus parking slot have a width of about 3m-3.2m x 15 m;
  • widest vehicle (trucks and buses) have a width of 2.55 m;
  • roads have minimum width of 2.7 m;
  • footpath width single person 0.6 m min.;
  • footpath width for single pram/wheelchair 0.8 m min.;
  • max. stair height externally without landing 1.5 m.

3. Competition entry

3.1 Application form:

  • preferred architectural boards;
  • format A (A4 or bigger; A4 at 90 dpi = 1052×744 px);
  • max. 10 boards named: name_surname_nickname(if SSC user)_1-10;
  • preferred graphic files format: *.jpg for raster and *.pdf for vector files.

3.2 Content

3.2.1 Minimal requirements

  • one interior view;
  • one exterior view;
  • one bird-eye view;
  • masterplan (low detail plan view);
  • 2 elevation views (western or eastern, northern or southern);
  • description of the expansion method*.
* not necessary if visualization of the expanded stadium is included

3.2.2 Recommended requirements

  • two or more interior views;
  • two or more exterior views
  • two or more bird-eye views;
  • masterplan (semi-detail plan view);
  • cross and/or longitudinal section;
  • 4 elevation views** (western, eastern, northern, southern).
** not necessary if object is symmetrical


Any extra elements (diagrams, descriptions, etc.) and visualization of the expanded stadium are optional.

3.3 Prior Publication:

  • projects which are taking part in the competition cannot be fully published in the internet/media before 5th March 2016;
  • projects can be shown partly in the internet/media only for consulting purposes.

3.4 Submission:

  • entry must be submitted in English;
  • each contestant is entitled to submit only one entry;
  • entry should be sent by e-mail at until 23:59.59 CET 4th March 2016;
  • message topic: Competition entry – name „@nickname”(if SSC user) surname;
  • contestants are obligated to attach a signed declaration, available in „Attachment 2” (entries without declaration will not be accepted);
  • preferred *.zip file with name same as message topic.

3.4.1 Copyrights and personal data processing:

  • published competition entries will be signed by contestant`s name, surname and nickname (if SSC user);
  • copyrights to submitted entry remains the property of the author;
  • signing a declaration is tantamount to the permission to publication of the entry in the internet/media by Organizers and competition`s media partners.

4. Voting process

4.1 Audience voting:

  • voting platform will be open on 6th March at 18:00 CET and closed on 12th March 2016 at 23:59.59 CET;
  • each voter is entitled to vote only once by selecting his favourite 5 entries giving them respectively: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point;
  • voters attempting to give more than one vote will not be included in the voting process at all.


Final ranking:

  • contestant whose project will score the highest number of points/stars will become the winner of the 1st edition of “Stadia Designers Cup”;
  • if two or more contestants will have the same total of stars/points, the one who received more 5 stars will be classified higher in the final ranking (if still tied, repeat respectively with 4, 3, 2 and 1 point/star).


Voting results are irrevocable.

5. Competition schedule

5.1 Important dates

  • competition starts on 23th October 2015 at 19:00 CET;
  • deadline for entries submission expires on 4th March 2016 at 11:59.59 PM CET;
  • audience voting will start max. 3 days after deadline expires***;
  • competition results will be published in official competition thread at forum max. 3 days after voting closure.
*** might be postponed due an unexpected events.

6. Final Provisions

  • Organizers claim the right to change the regulations;
  • Organizers are obligated to inform contestants about any regulations changes in official competition thread at forum;
  • not having fun due the competition is absolutely forbidden 😉

7. Attachments

  • Attachment 1 – Land Plot (SketchUp 2015, -14, -13 and 8);
  • Attachment 2 – Declaration (*.docx).
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