★★★ Regulamin

1. General provisions
2. Subject of the competition
3. Competition entry
4. Voting process and final rankings
5. Competition schedule
6. Final provisions
7. Attachments
8. Referencess

1. General provisions

1.1 Competition organisers

1.1.1 Roles

3rd edition of „Stadia Designers Cup” is organised by:

  • Mateusz Cegielski (main organiser);
  • Malden Janković (co-organiser);
  • and Paul Olak (consultant).

further called „Organisers”.

1.1.2 Contact

Organisers are avaiable to contact in official SkyscraperCity.com thread devoted for consulation and any other questions during competition, under following nicknames:

or via e-mail at DesignersCup@mStadia.net.

1.1.3 Competing organisers

Except main organiser, all others are entitled to take part in competition as a contestants (further called „competing organisers”). However, if any of organisers will decide to submit a competition entry, he is obligated to report it in public in offcial Stadia Designers Cup ★★★ thread on SkyscraperCity.com at least a month before current deadline date.

Competing organisers will lose an orgniser`s privileges after deadline date, i.e. they will not be allowed to see earlier submitted entries by other contestants before the beginning of voting process and will not have access to public and jury vote progress details.

1.2 Competition partners

Official partners of the competition are:

further called “Partners”.

2. Subject of the competition

2.1 The task

2.1.1 Main task

The essential task in 3rd edition of „Stadia Designers Cup” is to create a concept of a hypothetical new stadium for Everton F.C. at Bramley-Moore Dock site in Liverpool.

2.1.2 Site obstructions

There are two Grade II listed (on Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest) buildings at Bramley-Moore Dock site:

  • the hydraulic tower – cannot be demolished or moved, could be renovated or adapted to more suitable for new dock function purposes (e.g. club pub or fanshop);
  • and dock retaining walls – cannot be demolished (even partly), must retain unharmed.

2.1.3 Optional task

City of Liverpool has a chance to host one of the following editions of Commonwalth Games. Therefore, contestants who are eager for challenges may show their visions of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock in two different versions:

  • in the athletics mode for Commonwealth Games;
  • and converted into the football mode for Everton F.C. games.

Decision whether the conversion will be permanent or not belongs to the author.

Realization of the optional task gives an opportunity to gain an extra 250 points to final results.

2.2 Concept requirements

2.2.1 Stadium

  • have to fit in the area designated by Organisers;
  • must have a capacity around 55 000 (+/- 5 000) seats in football mode;
  • must have a capacity above 30 000 seats in athletics mode [1];
  • have to provide a possibility of hosting an athletics events [1];
  • have to meet the major conditions of 4th UEFA category;
  • should refers to the history and heritage of Everton F.C. and city of Liverpool.

2.2.3 Branding

  • stadium interior have to be decorated in “Stadia Designers Cup ★★★” branding;
  • competition and partners logotypes are available in “Attachment B – branding”;
  • competition and partners logotypes can be used only in color variants available in “Attachment B – branding”.

3. Competition entry

3.1 Application form

  • architectural boards preferred;
  • entry has to be anonymous [2];
  • entry must be submitted in English;
  • obligatory presentation board ratio is 10:7 (format B); min. size 1772×1240 px;
  • max. 10 boards named: name_surname_01-10;
  • preferred graphic files format: *.png for raster and *.pdf for vector files.

3.2 Content

3.2.1 Minimal requirements

  • title board with a „full-screen” aerial/bird eye view;
  • one interior view in football-mode;
  • one interior view in athletics-mode [1];
  • one exterior view from human eye perspective;
  • basic masterplan/plan view;
  • one cross or longitudinal section;
  • 2 elevation views (western or eastern, northern or southern).

3.2.2 Recommended requirements

  • title board with a „full screen” aerial/bird eye view;
  • extra aerial/bird eye view from another perspective;
  • two or more interior views (in football- and atheltics-mode [1]);
  • two or more exterior views from human eye perspective;
  • beuaty-shot view [3];
  • semi-detailed masterplan/plan view;
  • at least one cross and one longitudinal section;
  • 4 elevation views [4] (western, eastern, northern, southern).

3.3 Submission

  • submitted design cannot be fully published in the internet/media [5] before voting process begins;
  • each contestant is entitled to submit only one entry;
  • entry must be sent by e-mail at DesignersCup@mStadia.net until 18 VI 2017, 23:59.59 CET;
  • message topic: Competition entry – name surname;
  • contestants are obligated to attach signed declaration, available in „Attachment C – declaration”;
  • entry without signed declaration will not be accepted.

3.3.1 Copyrights and personal data processing

  • copyrights to submitted design remains the property of the author;
  • published entry will be signed by contestant`s name and surname after announcing its final position in ranking;
  • signing a declaration is tantamount to the permission to publication of the entry in the internet/media by Organizers and Partners.

4. Voting process and final rankings

4.1 Abridged voting rules

4.1.1 Public vote

  • voting platform will be open on 25 VI 2017, 18:00 CET and closed on 1 VII 2017, 23:59.59 CET;
  • each voter is entitled to vote only once by selecting his favourite 3 entries giving them respectively: 3, 2 and 1 star/point (3 is the highest note);
  • each voter is obligated to distribute all 3 points/stars, otherwise vote will not be valid;
  • each voter attempting to give more than one vote will not be included in the voting process at all.

4.1.1 Jury vote

  • Jury panel consists 5 members (details TBA);
  • voting platform will be open for Jurors on 25 VI 2017, 18:00 CET and closed on 1 VII 2017, 23:59.59 CET;
  • each of 5 Jurors is obligated to assess all entries in two basic categories („Idea” and „Presentation”) in scale from 1★ to 10★;
  • each of 5 Jurors is obligated to assess the entry in category „Conversion” in scale from 1★ to 10★, if design takes into account the implementation of optional task [1];
  • both categories have different „weight”, respectively x3 for „Idea”, x2 for „Presentation” and x5(!) for „Conversion”.

4.2 Final ranking

4.2.1 Final results

  • contestant whose design will score the highest number of points/stars in Public and Jury vote combined will become The Winner of the 3rd edition of “Stadia Designers Cup”;
  • if two or more contestants will score the same total of stars/points in Public and Jury Vote combined, the one who had better result in Jury Vote will be classified higher in the final ranking;
  • if still tied, contestant who received more 3 points/stars notes in Public Vote will be classified higher in the final ranking (if still tied, repeat respectively with 2 and 1 point/star notes).

4.2.3 (-1) penalty

Designs which in some way does not meet competition regulations will be moved 1 place down in final ranking. No matter how spectacular design would be, if it incompatible with regulations it cannot take 1st place in final ranking.

4.3 The Winner privileges

4.3.1 Prize

The Winner of 3rd edition of “Stadia Designers Cup” will receive a personalized glass statuette and an official 2016/2017 Everton F.C. match jersey.

4.3.2 „The Cup follows the Winner” rule

The country which The Winner comes from will be invited to „host” the the following edition of „Stadia Designers Cup”, i.e. Organisers will look for subject of next edition in Winner`s homeland.

5. Competition schedule

5.1 Agenda

  • 15 III 2017, 18:00 CET – competition launch
  • 15-22 III 2017 – Q&A and potential major changes in regulations
  • 30 VI 2017, 23:59.59 CET – submissions deadline
  • 1-2 VII 2017, 23:59.59 CET – voting process preparations and potential correction of submitted entries
  • 3 VII 2017, 18:00 CET – 8 VII 2017, 23:59.59 CET – public and jury vote
  • 9 VII 2017 – final results announcement


Deadline date could be postponed on contestants special request.

6. Final provisions

  • Organisers claim the right to change the regulations;
  • Organisers obligate themselves to inform contestants about any regulations changes in public in official competition thread on SkyscraperCity.com;
  • not having fun due the competition is absolutely forbidden! 😉

7. Attachments

8. References

[1] – applies only if the optional task has been realised
[2] – presentations cannot be signed or marked in any other way which could guide to author`s personality and nationality
[3] – panoramic view on the interior from the highest possible point in stadium corner
[4] – western or eastern/northern or southern if object is symmetrical
[5] – occasional workflow updates are welcomed in official competition thread on SkyscraperCity.com

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