Stadia Designers Cup ★★★ Final!

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Final results!Jury vote


#sdc3champion! 562 pts
Stefan Cristian #6, Romania

2nd place, 483 pts
ay Stewart #4, Australia

3rd place, 464 pts
Sam Hicks #5, New Zealand

4th place, 452 pts
Daniel Ebermann #2, Germany

5th place, 398 pts
Ryan McConnell #3, USA

6th place, 299 pts
Nabouhane Chaehoi #1, France

Jurors have assessed each design in scale from 1★ to 10★ in two or three* categories: Idea (x3), Presentation (x2) and Conversion (x5).

Jury squad:

  • Michał Karaś,;
  • Passione Stadi editorial team;
  • Frédéric Delrieu,;
  • Paul Olak, Stadia Designers Cup co-founder;
  • Mateusz Cegielski,

* only designs which includes seating bowl conversion has been assessed in this category

See you in Romania! #sdc4

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