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  • Deadline: 30 SEP 2018, 23:59.59 CET

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The essential task is to design a concept of a hypothetical new stadium in the City of Brasov which is going to be a successor of historical Silviu Ploeșteanu Stadium where SR Brașov currently plays its games as a host. New stadium by Strada Stadionului, first of all should provide a comfortable conditions for watching football matches for up to 20,000 viewers with unchanged orientation of the playing field. In addition, new western and southern stands should not significantly obstruct the view from the top of the grandstand (northern) at the Tâmpa mountain and the landscape of the Eastern Carpathians.

Also, the priority for „Stegaria” supporters is to honor the memory of the stadium’s patron not only in its potential commercial name, but also on the façade in the form of a well-visible and elegant signboard. In addition, the fans wish the stands behind the goals to be designed so close to playing filed as possible!

The following rules apply to the 4th edition of “Stadia Designers Cup”, further called “Competition”.

The Competition is organized by Mateusz Cegielski from MSTADIA supported by Competition co-founders: Mladen Janković and Paul Olak, further called “Organizers”.

Official patronage over the Competition has been taken by:

  • Asociația Sportivă SR Brașov (SR Brașov);
  • and MSTADIA;

further called “Competition partners”.

Media patronage over the Competition has been taken by:

  • (;
  • and Passione Stadi;

further called “Competition partners”.

Official Competition site (further called “Official Website”) adress:

Official Competition thread at forum (further called “Official Competition Thread”) adress:

The Competition is open for everyone.

Participation in the Competition is free of charge.

Participation in the Competition and providing personal data related to the participation is voluntary.

Participation in the Competition means consent to the processing of personal data by Organizers and Competition partners.


The essential of the Competition is to design a concept of a hypothetical new stadium in the City of Brasov which is going to be a successor of historical Silviu Ploeșteanu Stadium – current homeground of the official Competition partner, namely SR Brașov.

The proposal concept must meet the major conditions of 3rd category of UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations.

The proposal concept must meet Organizers and the host of hypothetical new stadium (SR Brașov) expectations, which are as follows:

  • to refer to the history and heritage of host-club SR Brașov, City of Brasov and historical region of Transylvania;
  • to fit in the area on the site plot designated by Organizers;
  • to have a capacity between 18 000-20 000 seats;
  • to keep all functions of so called “main stand” on the north, in the stand along the Strada Stadionului;
  • to keep orientation of the playing field along west-east axis;
  • to revamp old or build a brand new facility (resembling a mountain cabin) in the west corner of the site which would accommodate a club store, restaurant/pub, mini-hotel and ticket sales point (no floor plans required);
  • to keep an unobstructed view on Tâmpa mountain and Carpathians landscape from main stand.

The proposal concept must also meet the Supporters of SR Brașov expectations, which are as follows:

  • to keep stands behind the goals as close to the playing field as possible;
  • to make the stadium patron’s name “Silviu Ploeşteanu” be visible on the stadium’s facade (potential commercial name must involve patron’s name);
  • to focus around the theme of mountainous landscape and lifestyle;
  • to preserve the “Rezistenta din Munti” mural from south-west corner of current stadium and implement it into new one, preferably in the same corner;
  • to give it a “Galben-negrii” (yellow-black) feeling as a whole.

Competition branding and Competition partners logos must be well exposed in the proposal concept interior, e.g. on LED adboards around the playing field.

Single contestant or designers team is entitled to submit only one Competition entry.

Competition entry must be submitted in digital form (photos of handmade models, drawings scans, etc. are also allowed).

Competition entry must be submitted in English.

Competition entry cannot be signed or marked in any other way which could guide to contestant`s personality and/or nationality.

Requirements for competition entry content are as follows:

  • architectural boards layout recommended;
  • title board with a „full-screen” aerial/bird eye view;
  • view on the interior from the highest possible point in the stadium corner, the so-called “beuaty-shot view”;
  • at least one interior view (two or more recommended);
  • at least two exterior view (one from human eye perspective and one from any other);
  • basic masterplan with legend;
  • at least one cross and longitudinal section;
  • western/eastern and northern/southern elevation view (recommended all four).

Technical requirements for competition entry are as follows:

  • max. 10 boards in 16:9 ratio (JPG format obligatory);
  • min. resolution: 1920×1080 pixels for horizontal and 1080×1920 pixels for vertical orientation.

Only design that have not been published in internet before the voting process launch date or participated in any other competition can be submitted as the Competition entry.

Competition entry is submitted via the application form available on the Official Website.

Application form will automatically turn itself off after deadline date specified in paragraph 5.1.

Organizers claim the right to disqualify or degrade in final ranking the contestant if his/hers design does not meet conditions contained in paragraphs 3 and 4.

Organizers claim the right to use content of submitted entry for purposes related to the Competition, i.e. promotional, exhibition and information.

By submitting entry, contestant declares that his/hers work is entirely original and does not infringe the copyrights of third parties.

The agenda of the Competition is as follows:

  • launch date: 16 VII 2018, 20:00 CET;
  • questions & answers (Q&A) and potential major changes in competition brief/regulations: 17-22 VII 2018;
  • deadline date: 28 X 2018, 23:59.59 CET;
  • competition entries verification and potential corrections: 29 X 2018;
  • public and jury vote: 30 X 2018, 18:00 CET – 9 XI 2018,  23:59.59 CET;
  • final results announcement: 11 XI 2018, 20:00 CET.

Organizers claim the right to postpone deadline date if necessary, about which is obligated to inform on the Official Website and Thread on SkyscraperCity forum.

Public vote will take place within the period specified in paragraph 5.1 according to the following rules:

  • each voter is entitled to vote only once by selecting his favourite 3 entries giving them respectively: 3★, 2★ and 1★ where 3★ is the highest note;
  • each voter is obligated to distribute all 3 points/stars, otherwise vote will not be valid;
  • each voter attempting to give more than one vote will not be included in the voting process at all.

Jury vote will take place simultaneously with Public vote according to the following rules:

  • Jury panel squad will be announced no later than the day before the voting process begins;
  • each Juror is obligated to assess all entries in two categories:
  • Idea (implementation of the assumptions contained in paragraph 3);
  • and Presentation (implementation of the assumptions contained in paragraph 4.5);
  • in scale from 1★ to 10★ where 10★ is the highest note;
  • each category has different „weight”, respectively x3 for „Idea”, x2 for „Presentation”.

Contestant whose design will score the highest number of points/stars in Public and Jury vote combined will become The Winner of the Competition (further called “The Winner”).

If two or more contestants will score the same total of ★ (points) in Public and Jury vote combined, the one who had better result in Jury vote will be classified higher in the final ranking.

If still tied, contestant who received more 3★ notes in Public vote will be classified higher in the final ranking (if still tied, repeat respectively with 2★ and 1★ notes).

The Winner will receive a personalized glass statuette and an official SR Brașov match jersey.

According to “The Cup follows The Winner” rule, following edition of “Stadia Designers Cup” is going to be held in homeland of The Winner. However, it cannot stay in the same country for two editions in a row.

If it turns out that The Winner comes from the country which is currently hosting “Stadia Designers Cup”, next edition is going to be held in homeland of runner-up.

If it will not solve the situation, The Cup moves to the native land of the highest classified in final ranking contestant which is not a countryman of previous two.

By taking part in the Competition, contestant confirms that he/she agrees to the rules of the Competition contained in these Regulations.

Organizers claim the right make changes in regulations, about which is obligated to inform on the Official Website and Thread on SkyscraperCity forum.

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